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Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia

Classic worsted yarns are produced entirely in Italy, where all stages of the production process are carried out according to the principle of full vertical integration. The Quality Control Laboratory -credited to Interwoollabs- monitors all raw materials and verifies compliance with all the necessary fineness, length, fiber and cleaning parameters. The production cycle begins with the treatment of the fibers, thanks to which we can obtain the best results of softness and resistance to pilling, in addition to non-contraction and washability in the washing machine.

The entire spinning cycle is carried out in-house with the most advanced technological supports. The dyehouses, on top and yarn, provide the necessary capacity to cope with seasonal peaks in production and likewise offer the ability to dye batches of any size, from one kilogram to over a tonne. Environmental sustainability and energy efficiency are at the center of attention, as shown by the substantial investments made to maximize water purification, and to reuse the heat generated by painting in heating the production space.